The biggest, blackest tent at the Jamboree, just like at EuroJam 2005. All over the world, people connect the black yurts and ‘Kohten’ tents with German Guides and Scouts. One of our strengths is the ability to create a special feeling of place with our canvas creations., which are never the same twice.


At the centre will be a large hall with a stage, at its edge a big bar where food and drink is sold, and around it smaller ‘satellite yurts’ where you can sit and sing, or just chill out, in comfort. The cosy Jurt with carpet, fire altar, candles and samovar is just as important a part of it as the Bavarian beer garden (with zero-alcohol beer!) in the open air with long trestle tables, checked table cloths and the bread basket, under the (imported) Maypole.


Here, the whole German contingent in its three associations, BdP, DPSG and VCP will have its second home.